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The eHealthCare Systems, Inc. corporate headquarters is located in Torrance, California, having satellite offices in Sacramento, California and Dayton, Ohio.

Our client base spans Northern and Southern California, Nevada, and Louisiana. Future clients are anywhere high speed Internet access, the Internet Explorer browser, and the latest hardware technology is available.

eHealthCare Systems provides web-based billing and practice management solutions for the healthcare industry. Our products accommodate both the private and public sectors and Managed Care Health Management Services organizations.

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Software Development

eHealthCare's billing management software has existed since and evolved over the last 28 years. Our Managed Care Health Management Services software was developed in 1990 and continues to evolve as that industry changes.Our products are designed using the Microsoft .net platform and patterns the .aspx business model.

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  • Medical Office Management
  • Dental Office Management
  • Rural Health Mgmt
  • IPA/MSO Managed Care Svcs Mgmt
  • Occupational Medicine Mgmt
  • Integrated Electronic Health Records

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  • Onsite or web training
  • Hardware sales
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  • Telephone support
  • e-Mail based suppor
  • Web-based support
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